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All Earol® products are backed by clinical research and use natural ingredients, providing gentle care and protection for ears since 2004.

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Using a fine, clear blend of olive oil and mineral oil, Earol® is clinically proven to soften ear wax buildup, helping users prepare for dewaxing procedures and prevent further blockages. Earol® also soothes itchy and irritated ears. Made from a blend including pharmaceutical-grade olive oil, this natural solution is gentle on the skin and suitable for infants from 1 year +.

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EarolSwim® acts as an invisible ear plug, creating a barrier against water ingress during swimming, scuba diving and even showering.

When applied prior to entering the water, EarolSwim® is clinically proven to reduce the incidence of trapped water in the ears, soothe irritation and help reduce the feeling of fullness in the ears.

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Baby Earol® is a gentle, natural blend of pharmaceutical-grade olive oil and mineral oil, clinically proven to soften and break up ear wax for clinical removal procedures. Baby Earol® also soothes itchy and irritated ears, helping keep your little one comfortable.

Used weekly Baby Earol® moistens new ear wax, preventing buildup, itching and irritation. Delivered via a metered dose spray, Baby Earol® can be used for up to 36 months after first use. Suitable for use from 6 months.

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Ear Care Advice

The ears are highly sensitive and complex organs open to the external world, and looking after them is as vital as all personal hygiene. While earwax buildup is uncomfortable, you should never insert objects smaller than your elbow into the ear canal2, as this can push wax further inside and cause blockages.

Browse our Ear Care Advice section to read more about how to care for the ears.

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Who Can Use Earol® Products

Because of the natural ingredients in all Earol® products, it is suitable for most people to use.3 Earol® contains no hydrogen peroxide, providing gentle and effective ear care with olive oil.

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Baby Earol®  uses a gentle formula which is suitable for use with young children from 6 months old.



Our products are suitable for all ages, containing gentle olive and tea tree oils: no solvents or animal products.


Older People

As we age, our ears become more sensitive and easily blocked. Earol® treats and prevents ear wax build-up for all ages.



Protect ears in water, whether you’re swimming, scuba-diving or even bathing, with the natural barrier created by EarolSwim®.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are using Earol® or Baby Earol®  to soften a plug of built-up earwax prior to an earwax removal appointment, audiologists recommend applying the spray twice daily for 4-5 days before your appointment. This will give the product enough time to work, lubricating and softening the wax to make it easier to remove.

EarolSwim® can be used just before you swim, instantly creating a waterproof barrier in the ear. This effect lasts for a minimum of 6 hours.



If softening a built-up blockage of earwax, use Earol® or Baby Earol®  twice daily for 4-5 days prior to an appointment for earwax removal.
To use Earol® or Baby Earol® as a preventative treatment against earwax build-up, apply the spray just once a week for a maximum of 36 months. This will help maintain soft ear wax and healthy ears long term.

EarolSwim® can be used every time you swim and lasts for 6 hours.



The small, metered dose of olive oil is applied to hardened or impacted earwax and absorbed, hydrating and loosening the wax. It also lubricates the ear canal, making it easier for audiologists to remove earwax.



Earol® is an over-the-counter product supplied by selected UK retailers. Follow this link for details of where to buy Earol® Products


1 Supported by clinical data.

2 Dean L. ‘Don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear: the genetics of ear wax.’ 2006 Oct 11. In: Dean L, McEntyre J, editors. Coffee Break: Tutorials for NCBI Tools [Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Center for Biotechnology Information (US); 1999-. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

3 Olive oil is a natural product and has wide daily applications. As such, no side effects have been reported with this product or with this product interacting with other medicines. However, this product should not be used if you have a sensitivity or allergy to vegetable or mineral oils.