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Expert Advice for Looking After Your Ears

The ears are important and delicate organs, and keeping them healthy is essential for maintaining good hearing and avoiding infections. If earwax becomes impacted or builds up in the ear canal, it can cause hearing loss, earache, vertigo, and infections.1 In these Ear Care Advice articles, we answer common queries and dispel some of the myths about keeping ears healthy.

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Featured Articles

How to Safely Clean Your Child’s Ears

Keeping young children’s and babies’ ears clean and clear is a vital part of their care. Their little ears are highly sensitive organs, but they go through a lot in a day, whether it’s dust, dirt, playdough or even food that gets where it shouldn’t.
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Results for Ear Care for Swimming

The History Of Earol®

Clinically proven to soften and break up impacted earwax to prepare the ear canals for clinical dewaxing, Earol® products are...
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