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Olive Oil Spray

A new metered dose ear spray for babies, made from a gentle blend of pharmaceutical-grade olive and mineral oil to soften and naturally remove earwax and soothe dry and itchy ears, with no mess.

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The only thing you should be putting in your baby’s ear.*

*Supporting ear hygiene, based on clinical data.


10ml Metered Dose Olive Oil Spray

Baby Earol® is a gentle, natural blend of pharmaceutical-grade olive oil and mineral oil, clinically proven to soften and break up ear wax for clinical removal procedures. Baby Earol® also soothes itchy and irritated ears, helping keep your little one comfortable.

Used weekly Baby Earol® moistens new ear wax, preventing buildup, itching and irritation. Delivered via a metered dose spray, Baby Earol® can be used for up to 36 months after first use.

  • Natural Earwax Treatment
  • Metered Dose Spray: No Drops, No Mess
  • Free from Hydrogen Peroxide and Other Harsh Chemicals
  • Suitable for Children from 6 Months

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Customer Reviews

I have tried everything attempting to remove wax from my 1 year olds ears, but this product is by far the most effective and less invasive that I’ve tried. My daughter gets really bad wax buildup in both her ears and I’ve tried trying to put olive oil in her ears, however, if you have a toddler you know how difficult doing anything remotely like this is, when all they want to do is get away from you. The bottle is so easy to hold and use and the tip of the bottle fits snug in the ear. It is also really compact so will fit in a changing bag with no problem. The wax softened with the first use and was very easy to wipe away the wax with ease. The pump doses just enough product to ensure a good coating in the ear, but not so much that the oil oozes out causing an oily mess. As this is just olive oil, it has not caused any rash or redness to my daughters ear. I would definitely recommend this oil as it does work and is safe to use.

Christopher / 5.0 out of 5 stars

The design of the product is perfect, The olive oil formula felt gentle on my son’s sensitive skin. It softened and broke up the wax effectively and with the spray pump you only need a little amount but it works for ear wax build up in children’s ears

Hanifah / 5.0 out of 5 stars

When it comes to our little ones, their comfort and well-being are essential. This olive oil ear spray is so original and handy! My son suffered from glue ear and I was recommended olive oil drops but the spray option is so much easier! The formula is mild and non-invasive, suitable for children from 6 months onward. You can try and avoid traditional earwax removal using this spray and hope the wax to come out following this treatment. The spray having a metered dose, ensures that you're applying the perfect amount of olive oil into your child's ear. At just £6.50 for a 10ml bottle, this spray offers a good value for money. It's effective, convenient, affordable, and, most importantly, gentle.

Silvia / 5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a very gentle method of loosening ear wax and relieving dryness. Earol is a trusted brand too so a good choice for little ones needs.

Jeff / 5.0 out of 5 stars

Who Can Use Baby Earol® Olive Oil Spray

Because of the natural ingredients in Baby Earol® and the small, tapered spray nozzle, this product is suitable for very young children. Baby Earol® contains no hydrogen peroxide, making it one of the most gentle earwax softening treatments around.1

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Babies and Children

Baby Earol® is the only earwax treatment suitable for children as young as 6 months old.

How to use Baby Earol®

Following this simple process morning and evening softens, loosens and breaks up earwax, allowing it to be naturally expelled from the ear. Baby Earol® can also be used to soothe itchy and irritable ears. For children between 6 months and 12 years:

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Open the ear canal by gently lifting and pulling outwards on the upper ear.


Spray Baby Earol® once into the blocked ear.


Massage the small bump on the outside of the ear.


Apply Baby Earol® twice daily for up to 7 days before wax removal, or once a week after wax removal as a preventative measure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If using Baby Earol® to soften earwax buildup for clinical removal, audiologists recommend applying twice daily in the affected ear for up to 7 days before your appointment. 
  • If using Baby Earol® to soothe irritation from dry earwax, the soothing effects should be felt straight away.


To use Baby Earol® to prevent earwax build-up, for example, if there has been a previous blockage or if the ears produce a lot of wax, apply the spray just once a week. This will help maintain soft ear wax and healthy ears, without over-stimulating the glands in the ear canal that produce earwax.


A small amount of olive oil solution can be easily absorbed by hardened or impacted earwax, hydrating and loosening the bonds between particles and causing them to break apart. The oil also lubricates the ear canal so that earwax can be easily removed by an audiologist, with little discomfort for the child.3

Babies’ ear canals are extremely narrow and sensitive, so using a small amount of olive oil, such as our 0.05ml metered spray, is a way to soften ear wax naturally without swamping the baby’s ear or using harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide.2


Baby Earol® is a new product. Click this link for details of where to buy Baby Earol® products.

If the earwax is not building up or blocking the ear canal completely, there is no reason to remove it. It will come out naturally after a few days. Do not insert anything into the ear canal. When there is earwax outside the ear canal, you can clean it gently with a damp cotton ball or cloth.4
If earwax has built up inside the ear and created a blockage, this can be painful and does need to be removed. However, it is not safe to try and do this at home, as you may push the wax deeper into the ear and worsen the problem.5

For children over 6 months old, using Baby Earol® to soften the wax can help loosen the blockage, making it easy for a healthcare professional to remove using clinical methods. If you are worried about earwax buildup in your baby’s ears, speak to your health visitor or GP.

Baby Earol® is clinically approved for use in the ears of babies aged over 6 months (24 weeks). Because the metered dose is only 0.05ml, our clinical studies support that the small amount of olive oil and the size of the actuator nozzle is appropriate for smaller ear canals.2

If the earwax is outside the ear canal, a gentle wipe with a damp cotton ball or gentle cloth is all your baby needs.

If the earwax is impacted or built up in the baby’s ear canal, an olive oil spray can help loosen the blockage. For babies older than 24 weeks / 6 months, Baby Earol® is a recommended spray for babies’ ears. This helps soften earwax so that it can naturally fall out of the ear canal.

All babies have some earwax, as this is a natural part of the ear’s cleaning and defence system. Earwax traps dirt and germs and repels water, protecting the inner ear from any threats. There is no normal amount of earwax, as long as the wax is coming out of the ear canal over time, there is nothing to worry about.

If you feel your baby is producing a lot of earwax and it is blocking the ear canal, this may be due to something getting into the ear, stimulating the glands that produce wax. It could also be a sign of infection.6 Consult your doctor or health visitor if you see:

  • Signs your baby is not hearing well, such as not reacting to sounds as normal
  • Yellow-green discharge from the child’s ear
  • Baby grabbing or pulling at their ears.

Earwax buildup can be caused by:

  • Overproduction of ear Wax
  • A narrow ear canal
  • Hair in the ear
  • Dust or dirt in the ear
  • Ear plugs or cotton swabs in the ear6


You can prevent ear wax buildup in babies over 6 months by:

  • Avoiding inserting anything into the ear canal, (including baby’s fingers)5
  • Keeping them away from dusty environments where dust and dirt may clog the ear wax7

If the ear canal is very narrow or produces too much wax, your audiologist, GP or health visitor may recommend using Baby Earol® once weekly to prevent wax buildup. Baby Earol® is the only product on the market suitable for use from 6 months.

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Ear Care Advice

You can find expert answers to common ear care questions in our Ear Care Advice section.

Ears are highly sensitive organs, and looking after them is as important as any other personal hygiene. Cleaning the outer ear regularly with warm soapy water and a gentle cloth is recommended2, but never insert objects smaller than your elbow into the ear canal, as this can push wax further inside and cause blockages.3

Using Earol® weekly can keep earwax soft and prevent build-ups of wax.

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1 Olive oil is a natural product and has wide daily applications. As such, no side effects have been reported with this product or with this product interacting with other medicines. However, this product should not be used if you have a sensitivity or allergy to vegetable or mineral oils.

2 Felton, CD1614: Earol Specialist Product Evaluation: Use of Earol in Paediatrics (from 6 months) and Children

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