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All Earol® products are backed by clinical research and use natural ingredients, providing gentle care and protection for ears since 2004. This is a test

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10ml Metered Dose Olive Oil Spray

Earol® is a clinically proven metered dose ear spray which softens, loosens, breaks-up and naturally remove compacted/impacted ear wax and prepares the ear canals for the ear dewaxing and cleaning process for all age group 1yr and above.

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  • Earol description, change to the following: Using a fine, clear blend of mineral and olive oil, Earol® is clinically proven to soften ear wax buildup, helping users prepare for dewaxing procedures and prevent further blockages. Earol® also soothes itchy and irritated ears. Made from a blend including pharmaceutical-grade olive oil, this natural solution is gentle on the skin and suitable for infants from 1 year +. – DONE RM

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